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The grass is always greener....

By Saintly a - Posted Nov 17, 17

It is with a heavy heart, but a clear and excited mind, I announce that <The Unnamed> is relocating to Bleeding-Hollow! 

After a great 9 years on the Tanaris server, we have decided as a group that we needed to make a change for the betterment of our guild and our players. I wanted to make this post, in case any Tanaris/Greymane players come to our site to inquire about us, and to say thank you to the Tanaris server for being a lovely place for us to be for so long.

Change is good, but scary, and this is a change we have needed to make for a while now  (it literally took us like a month to finalize our decision...). We are extremely excited about our future on Bleeding-Hollow and we hope it will be a great fit for our guild.

Thanks again to everyone who helped us along the way, we wish all of our Tanaris/Greymane family the best of luck in the future! 


<The Unnamed>