More About <The Unnamed>

Zwitt a posted Nov 13, 10

<The Unnamed> was raiding on Tanaris for 9 solid years and recently transfered to Bleeding-Hollow for better future prospects! We play to have a good time and progress in a game we all love. We believe that it's important to play with individuals we're comfortable with - both skill and personality-wise.

We are a competitive, driven guild always striving to do better. Expectations of our members are set high and they are required to always be prepared, knowledgeable of their class and any boss strats we may encounter. Although our raid schedule is light, we still demand the best from every member in each raid.

We are a tight-knit group, with the majority of us playing together in the same guilds and server for many, many years.

Guild Ranks

Friends: This rank is for any individual who wants to be a part of our guild. Old raiders, family, and friends. This is our only "open" rank.

Raider: Core member of our main raid.

Trial: Trial raider/old raider returning. 

Other: Alts of loot council & officers 

Adviser: Long standing (5 years+) raiders who are involved with numerous aspects of the guild but do not have/want full Officer privledges. 

Loot Council & Officer: Member involved in the day to day running of the guild. 

Important Stuff:
Schedule: We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs from 8:30-11:30 EST. We will occasionally raid Mondays during the first few weeks of a new raid, but Mondays are NOT mandatory and attendance is not taken during that raid. 

Attendance:  We track attendance through two different channels. One being our website and one being our Discord. If you are going to be late for raid, or you know you'll be absent two weeks down the road, please post in one of these two channels. The website is great for tracking posts that are much further down in the future, if needed. Please, please, please inform us ahead of time if you know you'll be late for a certain raid night - this usually changes our plans!  

Raid Nights: Early invites go out starting at 8:00pm EST. The goal is to be IN THE INSTANCE by 8:30pm EST. 



Consumables: Cauldrons & feasts are provided during each raid night for main raiders. Vantus Runes are provided when necessary. Pots are YOUR responsibility. This being said, we have a full bank stocked with materials for raiders to use, so if you need something; ASK!. If you take materials out of the guild bank, PLEASE replenish other materials in return. Same goes for gems/enchants/other craftables - ask ask ask! At this point we are requiring all raiders to have augment runes on them as well. 

Study Boss Fights: Please come to the raid understanding all boss strats needed for that night. We will post strategies and videos on the website and in our Discord. It is UNACCEPTABLE to not know the encounters we are working on for the raid night, DO NOT WASTE EVERYONE ELSE'S TIME. 
Loot system: We use a 4 person loot council to distribute gear. This group is comprised of one officer and three "Advisers" (This role is used for long standing raiders - 5+ years - who want to be a part of the day to day running of the guild, but do not want full officer privledges), each we have chosen because of their extreme loyalty to the guild, as well as their extensive knowledge of multiple classes and specs. There are many considerations in assigning drops, including but not limited to: level of upgrade, contribution to the raid as a whole, attendance and attitude. If you have any concerns about the decisions the council is making, discuss them with an officer privately. Loot drama of any kind will not be tolerated.
Mandatory Add-Ons:
We use the functionality of the RCLootCouncil addon/UI to facilitate our Loot Council.
AA is used as a place for healing/raid assignments as well as specific notes about the encounters we are doing.
Not necessarily an add-on, but the app is downloadable and it is what we use for voice chat, among other things.