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The Unnamed  -  The Unnamed is a progression raiding guild on US-Tanaris.
The Unnamed
Tanaris (US) - 770 users

Guild Information

Guild Name: The Unnamed

Founded: Nov. 03, 2009 by Quietbow and Zeewitt

Purpose: To provide a fair, fun, determined and "drama free” atmosphere for progression raiding as a team.

Guild Ranks

Raider: Raiding Member

Member: Standard member of the guild. Eligible to raid, but mainly as back up.

Officer: Member involved in the day to day running of the guild.

Guild Master: Leader of "The Unnamed”

Friends rank: Friends rank is open. There are many raiders in our guild who have family and friends who want a place just to hang out. We have absolutely no problem with this. Building a strong community within a guild, outside of raiding, is very important. Note that as a friend rank, you will not be considered for a 25 man raiding spot. You must apply to raid, and if accepted you will be bumped up to Raider and be subject to the requirements of that rank.

UPDATED: If you are a friends rank and come in as a friend rank and you ask any officer for a raid spot, I'm just going to flat out boot you. Stop being disrespectful to the Raiders in the guild and SUBMIT an application. Thanks

Raiding Requirements

Attendance: 90% raid attendance in any given month for those of Raider or above Rank.

Raid Nights: Invites only go out to Raider, officer and GM ranked members. If you cannot attend a specific raid, you must post a thread in the "Absent/Late" category on our website. It's a very easy tool to use to inform everyone of what is going on. PLEASE do not inform any officers in-game unless its the only option you have. We have many other things going on throughout the day. The Raid Leader and officers have the freedom to choose which classes from those that are online that will be needed for raid success. Please remember that you will have to sit at one time or another. Any drama that happens because of this will lead to the specific person not being invited back to raid.


Consumables: Bring flasks, potions and food needed for raiding. We expect everyone to have a food buff and a flask/elixir buff for raids. We will drop a feast before every pull whether it is a progression boss or not, but would prefer if you would use 300 stat food. We also have a full bank stocked with potions and flasks - but PLEASE try your best to maintain your own stockpile of each of these. If you take potions/flasks out of the guild bank, PLEASE replenish herbs/other materials in return.

Study Boss Fights: Please come to the raid understanding all boss strats needed for that night. We will post strategies and videos on the website. It is UNACCEPTABLE to not know the encounters we are working on for the raid night, DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME.


Loot system: We use an all officer loot council that gives out loot based on the upgrade for the raid as a whole. We also maintain a loot spreadsheet that remains private but is regarded when two individuals have the same impact on a raid. Any complaints about loot are NOT tolerated. We are not interested in individuals who want to progress THEMSELVES more so than the raid as a WHOLE.