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Published Oct 23, 2017
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Published Oct 23, 2017
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Finally 6/9M

Saintly a posted Oct 12, 17

I was going to write a huge paragraph about how I was super prou of everyone, but instead, I'm going to summarize what everyone is feeling right now: frick this boss.

We are always recruiting nice players who like to raid, contact Megan#12843 if you have any questions! 

Zaaambies I'm so glad that progression on this boss is offishially over. Hopefully, we get the krill on maiden next!


Saintly a posted Aug 31, 17

<The Unnamed> wants you!

Saintly a posted Jul 27, 17

<The Unnamed> is looking for individuals who want to find their *forever* WoW home. The guild has been raiding on Tanaris since 2009, and we are looking to keep doing so for many many years to come! 

Please contact us if you think you'd be a good fit here - patientzero#1991 or Megan#12843

Progression Updates!

Saintly a posted Jul 27, 17